Design Flow Chart

Customize your personal paper bag making machine ?

Custom Requirements
1.Custom requirement sheet provide.
Paper bag specification and machine requirement.
2.Hongwei Team have a feasibility analysis meeting
3.Reply the result within 24hours

Machine R&D
1.Confirm the order details
2.Deposit confirmation.
3.Engineer design custom machine 3D modeling.
4.Arrange material purchasing and machine production.
5.Machine adjusting and running test , feedback machine condition.

1.Factory inspection
2.Balance confirmation

1.Check on paper bag making solution for reference.
2.Contact us for quotation and details.

Transaction process

01 Inquiry
Send us requirement of the machine,what kind of product that you need or any
special design of the machine,and leave your contact details or contact us directly.
02 Reply
High effective docking by social chat software.(Email,wechat,whatsapp,skype and telephone etc.)
03 Customize Machine
04 Preparation Before Placing Order
Comfirm quotation content.
Support special other material text for paper bag making.
Arrange a interview to our factory.
Prepare the enough space,air power,electric,raw material etc.
05 Comfirm Order
Confirm terms of payment.
Contact time of shipment.
Confirm the installation matters with extra cost.
Confirm the free spare parts and purchase spare parts.
Comfirm deposit.
Arrange production and material purchasing.
06 Production
07 Quality Control
Company free inspect,testing video provide.
Arrange quality inspection by third party if need.
Arrange a interview to our factory.
08 Shipment
Balance confirmation.
Confirm consignee information,loading data and container.
Shipping marks.
B/L or other docments confirmation.
09 Goods Tracking
Follow up the feight information , inform the client.
Shipping docments to client on time.
Confirm receiving the goods.
10 Installation
Send client the list should prepare.
Prepare the necessity before machine installation.
Arrange engineer overseas service to instal the machine and training the workers.
Follow up the installation until finished.
11 Feedback
Machine use feedback , confirm everything is ok!
12 Further Cooperation
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